Our Mission

Our goal at Pequot Lakes Physical Therapy Services is to help our patients regain their physical abilities in order to comfortably perform and carry out the activities they want and need to do. In other words, we want to enhance the lives of the people we treat.

We do this through customized treatment programs. No two patients receive the same exact therapy. Whether it is through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, aquatic therapy, or any of the other wide range of treatments we provide, we will find the best method for you to regain your life, and we pride ourselves on this customization.

While treating your current condition is our primary focus, we want to educate you on how best to protect your body. Whether it is proper posture, correct exercise techniques or the best way to lift, we can provide you with the knowledge to stay healthy and active.

The Staff at Pequot Lakes Physical Therapy Services

Staff at Pequot Lakes Physical Therapy MN

Proudly dedicated to improving your quality of life through providing compassionate care, a friendly environment, and exceptional customer service.


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